Script to find used and free space in Database files

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In an Enterprise world, you may be responsible to monitor 1000+ databases hosted on hundreds of SQL Server instances. On a lazy afternoon, suddenly low disk space alarm hit your inbox. What will you do, storage can not be added or expended on the fly. Here is the tested script to find used and free space from SQL Server database’s data files that you can shrink to easy the current situation.

-- Find Log file information and save in temp file using dbcc sqlperf logspace
CREATE TABLE #LogSpace (DatabaseName varchar(40), LogSize int, LogSpace int, status bit)
INSERT #LogSpace exec ('dbcc sqlperf(logspace) WITH NO_INFOMSGS') 
-- Find data file information using cursor and dbcc showfilestats
Declare @DatabaseName varchar(500)
create table #DBSpace(FielId tinyint, Filegroup tinyint, TotalSpace int, 
Used_Space int, Name1 varchar(25),NameofFile Varchar(900) )
Declare curDB cursor for select name from master..sysdatabases 
open curDB
fetch curDB into @DatabaseName
while @@fetch_status = 0
    if databasepropertyex(@DatabaseName,'Status') = 'ONLINE'
    insert into #DBSpace exec ('USE [' + @DatabaseName + ']  DBCC SHOWFILESTATS WITH NO_INFOMSGS')
    fetch curDB into @DatabaseName
close curDB
deallocate curDB 
-- Select data in tabular format with proper headings & order by
select left(,30) AS 'DatabaseName',
(ff.[DataFileSpace(MB)])+ls.LogSize as 'DatabaseSize(MB)',ff.[DataFileSpace(MB)],
ff.[DataFileUsedSpace(MB)], ff.[DataFileFreeSpace(MB)],
ls.LogSize as 'LogFileSize(MB)', ls.LogSpace as'LogFileSpaceUsedIn(%)'
from #DBSpace dbs join master..sysdatabases sd on sd.filename=dbs.NameofFile
join #LogSpace ls on
(select  sf.dbid, sum(dbss.TotalSpace/16) as 'DataFileSpace(MB)', 
sum(dbss.Used_Space/16) as 'DataFileUsedSpace(MB)', 
(sum(dbss.TotalSpace/16)- sum(dbss.Used_Space/16)) 
as 'DataFileFreeSpace(MB)' from #DBSpace dbss
join master.sys.sysaltfiles sf on rtrim(sf.filename)= rtrim(dbss.NameofFile)
group by sf.dbid) ff on ff.dbid=sd.dbid
order by 'DataFileFreeSpace(MB)' desc 
-- Drop temporary tables manually
Drop table #DBSpace
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