Tips for Backing up User Databases

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We all take a database backup as a first resort to recover from a damage may occur during the disaster, server crash, or for any other reason. To do so, we usually schedule a job or make use of database maintenance plan that perform database backup, be it Full / Differential or Log, and we all take a special care & consideration while designing the backup strategy!!

But what happened if one fine day when you need your database backup file to work well and it doesn’t?? What if it is corrupted!! And you have only a Full backup for that day?

SQL Server 2008 High Availability – A Book by Hemantgiri S. Goswami

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I have no words to explain my excitement and happiness to share news with you all – my book on SQL Server 2008 High Availability is published!!

I have started authoring this book in May 2010 and as the time passes and gradually I move to the final chapter of the book, I was feeling like aha finally it is done!!! – Do you think so, it was this easy? No, every publication house has their own set of rules to be followed while authoring a book and a process to be followed before the chapter or entire book is ready to be published i.e. 1st edit, 2nd edit of the chapter until final edit and the Packt Publication is no exception.

Opportunity to write about Microsoft SQL Server

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Do you have something to write about SQL Server that can help SQL community by your learning, innovation. R&d, research etc. This is an unique opportunity to reach a large group of SQL Server users, gain experience as SQL writer, publicity and much more.


Drop an email with your content/summary to I will review and publish your content on by your name and provide you instant website access to review, modify & answer user comments on website.

Your comments & suggestions are welcome; Feel free to reply if you have any questions

Download SQL Server Training Kit

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Couple of months back I have wrote a blog article about the availability of Microsoft SQL Server Developer Training Kit which is very helpful resource for the SQL Server Developers, trainers and professionals to understand the improvements comes with the release of SQL Server 2008.

Recently, 18th January 2011 Microsoft has released the updated version of Microsoft SQL Server Developer Training Kit which has

Monitoring & Setting Alerts for SQL Server Critical Errors

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As a Proactive DBA, you must monitor All SQL Server errors having severity level between 17 to 25. Any errors from level 20 to 25 are serious in nature however for 17 to 19 a DBA involvement is required for resolution. Here is self explanatory MS description of error levels, steps to get automatic alert as soon as any of error occurs and list of error messages.

Automate SQL Server Profiler Trace Execution

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SQL profiler is an excellent tool for T-SQL query performance optimization. SQL Server Production DBA’s use Profiler to scan what T-SQL queries are getting executed inside SQL Server and what are the queries that can be filtered for further fine-tuning. SQL profiler has inbuilt scheduler for stopping a trace, but Trace Properties does not provide functionality to automatically schedule a trace and keep it running for a desired frequency.

What Lenovo IdeaPad Y560 Laptop Can’t do?

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I rarely find time to play computer games, however when I do, I certainly go for Need for Speed racing game from EA. Considering high system requirements for now a days demanding games and with prime reason to run multiple virtual machines for SQL testing, I decided to go for Lenovo laptop for the second time. It was hard to choose but I was somehow confident with what I have chosen. Lenovo IdeaPad Y560 06465BU is a pretty decent size hardware to do most of stuff, Under the hood It has:

This Year, I will..

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As the new year begins.. What is your New Year resolution for fresh start? quit smoking or drinking? Or hit gym more often, lose weight and get back in shape? Find a new job? Save more money or get out of debt?

In addition to these, If you have space left for something called “learn something new!” here is what I can offer for free that I enjoy following and practicing. These are set of rules that you can pursue for better results and overall improvements.


Survival the fittest – if you cannot adopt changing technology, work culture, requirements, life style or surroundings you will move out of race pretty soon. Its mantra of life; stay flexible and be ready to accept changes, mold yourself, swim with the flow, absorb what you get; if you can not get dissolved in progression, will be filtered out. This is the phrase that evolved life & diversity on planet earth.

No pain, no gain – it’s simple motivational theory, like 1+1; there are no free lunches in this world. If you need something you got to do something in return. Stand up; get ready to pay in advance for what you desire. There are no magical Ginny in this world. Always remember Pain is momentary, but Glory is for forever!

Never, ever, repeat mistakes - If you keep on making same mistakes you never going to move out of circular drive & better you forget designation. Remember it always, if you cannot; it’s the one you can have tattoo on. Making mistakes are not exactly bad, but at the end you should learn from your mistakes and making sure you never repeat & forget learning.

Go get it, no reservations needed! – Nobody come to your door with a free lottery ticket to win, come on. You want something? You better get going, if not now; then when? Do not just keep on waiting for favorable conditions; instead achieve your targets and move ahead for next one.

Everyone and everything can teach you something – Ask yourself, have your learned everything? No, never you can’t simply.. There is so much you still have to do & explore. In plain words, stay hungry & open to learn more.

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