SQL Server 2008 High Availability – A Book by Hemantgiri S. Goswami

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I have no words to explain my excitement and happiness to share news with you all – my book on SQL Server 2008 High Availability is published!!

I have started authoring this book in May 2010 and as the time passes and gradually I move to the final chapter of the book, I was feeling like aha finally it is done!!! – Do you think so, it was this easy? No, every publication house has their own set of rules to be followed while authoring a book and a process to be followed before the chapter or entire book is ready to be published i.e. 1st edit, 2nd edit of the chapter until final edit and the Packt Publication is no exception.

Since this is the first time I was authoring book I was having little or no idea about authoring a book. The editors from Packt Publication helped me a lot by helping me time to time with proper answers to my queries. I must admit that I could not be able to complete this book without support and encouragement from my family including my 2 year old daughter Dhruti.I hope that you all will enjoy reading and learning from this book as I did while authoring and contributed my little part for the growth of my beloved SQL Server. Let me tell you about this book:

The term High Availability means that the servers or systems that host or run the business-critical applications should be highly available 24 X 7. As the word it-self defines how important it is to make these applications and data available for end-users as well as business users, if this data is not available for a short time, it will be a big problem for both sets of users. Imagine a bank spread across the country and having a huge customer base. One fine day, their server crashes! If the bank relies only on backups, then it might end up losing approximately 15 to 30 minutes of data, depending on the backup strategy. Now the HA options related to SQL Server such as clustering, replication, log shipping, and database mirroring will help overcome this situation.

In this book I have tried to cover every single piece of information that might requires for installing and configuring SQL Server HA option like Clustering, Replication, Log Shipping and Database Mirroring, below are the chapters:

Chapter 1: Understanding Windows Domains, Domain Users, and SQL Server Security
Chapter 2: Implementing Clustering
Chapter 3: Snapshot Replication
Chapter 4: Transactional Replication
Chapter 5: Merge Replication
Chapter 6: Peer-to-Peer Replication
Chapter 7: Log Shipping
Chapter 8: Database Mirroring
Appendix A: Troubleshooting
Appendix B: External References

If you are interested to read more about the detailed / contents of each chapter you may find them here. And, here is the link for the sample chapter

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Congurate with you!
in 2011, I plan to write SQL Server DBA book in Chinese

Congrats Hemant

I want to know if you will be available for consulting for us on how to set up SQL server 2008 for high availability.
Please let me know.


Sounds very interesting. Congratulations on the published book.

I am realy curious if you are touching on the subject of fast recovery and partial database availability?


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