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As the new year begins.. What is your New Year resolution for fresh start? quit smoking or drinking? Or hit gym more often, lose weight and get back in shape? Find a new job? Save more money or get out of debt?

In addition to these, If you have space left for something called “learn something new!” here is what I can offer for free that I enjoy following and practicing. These are set of rules that you can pursue for better results and overall improvements.


Survival the fittest – if you cannot adopt changing technology, work culture, requirements, life style or surroundings you will move out of race pretty soon. Its mantra of life; stay flexible and be ready to accept changes, mold yourself, swim with the flow, absorb what you get; if you can not get dissolved in progression, will be filtered out. This is the phrase that evolved life & diversity on planet earth.

No pain, no gain – it’s simple motivational theory, like 1+1; there are no free lunches in this world. If you need something you got to do something in return. Stand up; get ready to pay in advance for what you desire. There are no magical Ginny in this world. Always remember Pain is momentary, but Glory is for forever!

Never, ever, repeat mistakes - If you keep on making same mistakes you never going to move out of circular drive & better you forget designation. Remember it always, if you cannot; it’s the one you can have tattoo on. Making mistakes are not exactly bad, but at the end you should learn from your mistakes and making sure you never repeat & forget learning.

Go get it, no reservations needed! – Nobody come to your door with a free lottery ticket to win, come on. You want something? You better get going, if not now; then when? Do not just keep on waiting for favorable conditions; instead achieve your targets and move ahead for next one.

Everyone and everything can teach you something – Ask yourself, have your learned everything? No, never you can’t simply.. There is so much you still have to do & explore. In plain words, stay hungry & open to learn more.

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I want to begin learning SQL. Where do I start and what steps do I need to take to become a DBA. I have a CIS degree but, took all accelerated classes and didn’t learn much from my teachers. I feel as if the clock is ticking fast at times.

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