What are the common SQL DBA mistakes?

Posted by Deepak Kumar | Posted in SQL BI/DW/SSRS, SQL DBA, SQL Dev | Posted on 21-03-2011


On any given production environment a SQL DBA must follow set of best practices to ensure smooth and highly optimized databases availability. Here are few common mistakes that I have identified and would recommend to fix if you have encountered or seeing anything similar.

1. Not preparing and validating a reliable backup and recovery policy with backup files retention period for databases as per agreed data loss and application downtime it may cause while recovering databases.

Automate SQL Server Profiler Trace Execution

Posted by Deepak Kumar | Posted in Scripts, SQL BI/DW/SSRS, SQL DBA, SQL Dev, Uncategorized | Posted on 12-01-2011


SQL profiler is an excellent tool for T-SQL query performance optimization. SQL Server Production DBA’s use Profiler to scan what T-SQL queries are getting executed inside SQL Server and what are the queries that can be filtered for further fine-tuning. SQL profiler has inbuilt scheduler for stopping a trace, but Trace Properties does not provide functionality to automatically schedule a trace and keep it running for a desired frequency.

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